liturgical equipment

host baking machines

Many Catholic institutions provide hosts for liturgical use to dioceses and parishes. In order to achieve good quality hosts, they need special equipment for this specific purpose. Hosts can have different sizes (depending on whether they are hosts for priests or for the general distribution of communion to the faithful), they also can have several textures (white or brown) and, if desired, they can also be engraved with different liturgical motives. 

Among the most requested items from BEGECA in this field there are the host baking machines. Together with some other items (such as paste stirring machine, host cake humidifier and host cutting machine) there are necessary for the mass production of quality hosts. Our supplier, KISSING, has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of high quality machinery. Many monasteries, dioceses and religious communities use this kind of equipment and are very satisfied with the results because of its quality and durability.

In case you are interested in purchasing such equipment, contact our team and you will receive specific assistance to guide you through the process of identifying which is the most suitable option for you or your church institution. 


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church supplies, accesories and paraments

Parishes, convents and churches need some special equipment for liturgy and divine worship. BEGECA is able to provide all kind of liturgical equipment: garments, chalices, patens, ciboriums, statues, etc. in a variety of qualities and workmanships. Also bells and other paraphernalia can be shipped to different destinations.

Kindly contact us and share with us your needs.