procurement and tenders

BEGECA recognises the following procurement principles

  • Transparency
  • Proportionality
  • Equal Treatment
  • Non-Discrimination

The procurement decision-making process must be carried out exclusively on the basis of objective, development-policy, economic and quality-motivated considerations.

Reports of fraudulent, corrupt or other criminal activity in connection with any procurement will be dealt with under the terms of BEGECA’s Fraud Prevention Policy and Action Plan. In the event that such reports are confirmed, this will lead immediately to the severing of business relationships with the supplier or service provider concerned.

Procurement activities must be based on and have due regard to binding, professional and ethical principles.

The following ethical principles are worthy of special note:

- No collaboration with companies properly suspected of unfair business practices.

- No collaboration with companies which engage in illegal or exploitative employment relationships.

- No collaboration with companies which make direct or unfair profit out of existing crises and conflicts or which are part of the reason for the crisis or conflict in the first place.

- No collaboration with companies which are fully or part-owned by personnel working for or with a financial interest in the project sponsor.

Suppliers must register with BEGECA before a supply contract can be agreed.


Public tenders can be found on this page during bidding period. Please follow instructions in the tender documents carefully.



There are currently no public tenders.